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Leeds United offer refunds after LUTV debacle

The club received countless complaints on social media after fans couldn’t watch the game

Leeds United V Sheffield Wednesday  - Sky Bet Championship

After today’s 2-0 victory over Oxford, Leeds United announced that they would be refunding all the money taken for the pay-per-view live stream of the game.

People were unable to access the LUTV section of the website to order it and others who had already paid for the stream were unable to watch it.

The club’s statement said: “We apologise for the technical difficulty experienced on LUTV during this afternoon's friendly game with Oxford United. We will automatically issue a refund to all those who subscribed to today's fixture.”

This was taken well by the majority of the fanbase although it didn’t do much to please people with annual subscriptions to the service.

Leeds also moved to allay the worries of fans ahead of the launch of the pay-per-view service for league matches for fans outside the UK: “The issues that were experienced today, have been identified, and they won't reoccur for the start of the season.”

It is fair to say that fans are still to be convinced that the service will be working by the next time it is needed.

There were other errors reported by people who attended the game and it seems the club have a lot of work to do if they want to gain back the fans’ trust on this one.

Many of the people who were able to watch the game only got to see the second half and had to resort to finding ‘alternative means’ of watching.

Were you able to watch the game or did the service not work for you? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @JackRobshawLUFC or at @ThruItAllLUFC.