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Leeds United new away kit fan review: yay or nay?

New black kit seems popular

Leeds United v Charlton Athletic Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Leeds United released just a short time ago the new away kit for the season that is just beyond the horizon. After a great reception to the white and gold home kit, the away colors are just as nice. Today, Leeds United released a brand new black jersey with silver outlining. Overall, the new away kit is just really sharp and is available now through the team store.

This kit was designed by Kappa, and still features the Skin 2018 technology, which Leeds claim it: “ has revolutionised the player’s shirt, setting new performance standards and encouraging new playing practices.”

The Stop Stopping technical principle makes the Kombat™ Skin impossible to grab hold of, changing everything on the pitch.

This is all integrated and enhanced by a unique seamless technology to achieve maximum comfort on the skin, and enhance the fabric’s performance properties.

The back of the shirts also feature mesh fabric for improved breathability and elasticity.”

The kit isn’t just new, but it is bold. A black kit hasn’t been worn by Leeds since the 2012-13 season, and a black kit shows a dark side to the team.

I am a huge Oakland Raiders fan, a professional football team who is known for their famous “silver & black” jersey colors, and I am no doubt in love with these new kits, but do others agree?

TIAT members Pete Schlenker and Matt Stehlik both have given their reviews, as Pete believes that Leeds should have gone with a true yellow away kit, while Mike raves about the new look.

I searched Twitter looking for the best reactions to the kit release, and here are both likes and dislikes.

Many have pointed this out and it is very true, why did Leeds go with a black away kit? Leeds are blue, white and yellow. It is very odd to see the away kit not feature any colors that resemble the club, but then again, the kits are all about making money right?

There are more fans who like the kit as compared to dislike, and many believe it is a very bold look.

Like I have said, I am a huge fan of this kit. I will definitely be splurging out to get this before the season starts, and I cannot wait to finally get this campaign started. Do you like the new kit?