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Leeds United Unveil Jet Black Away Kit

As if I wasn’t broke enough already

Leeds United v Norwich City - EFL Cup Fourth Round Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

After much anticipation, Leeds United finally dropped its 2017/18 away kit, and fans are in love.

First off, WOW DO THESE LOOK GOOD. Take what little money I have, Leeds. Take it all. Secondly, I’m much more a fan of these away kits than I am our home kits, for a couple of reasons.

  1. I don’t know how to use photoshop well. But if I did, I would have made an attempt at a black 3rd kit. Clearly, Leeds read my mind and I think we’ll look very good in jet black.
  2. To me, these away kits look more like a football jersey. I’m a fan of our home kits, but to me, they look more like a compression shirt you’d see at your local gym with some advertising on it.

I apologize for this potentially obscure reference, but I imagine that the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets go to sleep dreaming their black and white jerseys looked as sharp as ours. Oh, and big up to the marketing guy to get Chris Wood, who represents the All Blacks, to unveil the all black kit. Our staff at TIAT were slowly starting to panic amid reports that Swansea wants our prize striker; surely the club wouldn’t use Wood to unveil the kits and then sell him a couple days later. (Editors note: The more I think about it, selling Chris Wood to Swansea two days after having him unveil our away kits is EXACTLY something Leeds would do.) Take away the green/blue monstrosity that is goalkeeper kit, I think we’ve nailed it with these kits. Two immediate thoughts that spring to my mind: 1) Will we have a 3rd kit/how will it look 2) I hate how football clubs change up their kits every year. No matter where we end up next season, I hope we get a couple more seasons of these kits.

How do YOU feel like our away kits? Will we have a 3rd kit this year? How will it look? Let me know in the comments! MOT