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Leeds United seem to have last minute friendly scheduled

Turkish club Bursaspor is reporting a friendly with Leeds to take place on Monday

Bursaspor Kulubu v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League

It appears that Leeds United have managed to find another team to schedule a friendly against. Turkish team Bursapor is in Austria and they have posted on their website and on their Twitter feed that a friendly between them and Leeds is set to take place at 19.00 Further Eastern Time, which is two hours ahead of BST, meaning that the friendly is set to take place at 17.00 BST. This translates to Noon Eastern Time for any American Leeds fans that will be reading this.

Bursaspor also operates its own YouTube channel, so Leeds fans might be able to watch the club in action against the club from Bursa, Turkey. The Super Lig club finished 14th last season with 38 points, only two points above the relegation places. The club won the league title in the 2009-10 season. Along with Trabzonspor, Bursaspor are one of the two clubs that aren’t part of the “Big Three” Istanbul clubs to have won the Super Lig title. The “Big Three” clubs, Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, and Galatasaray, have dominated football in Turkey for decades.

After the local government in Tyrol, Austria, pulled the plug on the friendly with FC Ingolstadt 04 at the last minute last week, Leeds have been scrambling trying to come up with alternative plans for the team and the dedicated fans that traveled to Austria to take in the Alps and watch Leeds play preseason football.

Austria is a popular destination for European clubs to start have their training camps, with West Yorkshire neighbors Huddersfield Town and London’s West Ham United also traveling to the country for preseason. In fact, with so many clubs in the area, the preseason was scheduled with only one confirmed match, a friendly against Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach.

So it was quite surprising that the local officials cancelled the match at such a late date, given that Leeds United had scheduled the friendly a few weeks ago and their was no history of trouble between Leeds fans and Ingolstadt fans. And while Leeds fans haven’t been saints abroad, it’s not as if any other clubs with fans that have a bad reputation, yes that means you West Ham, aren’t already in the country and don’t appear to be having any problems. Given the history of Leeds with Galatasaray, it is strange that safety concerns don’t seem to be an issue this time around. MOT