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Don’t go away mad, Charlie Taylor, just go away

Past the point of no return for the Leeds United fullback

Cardiff City v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

When Charlie Taylor refused to take the pitch against Wigan Athletic in the last match of the season for Leeds United, he had to know that he was burning all of the bridges behind him. There is no way Taylor can continue his career at Leeds, and while he’s a quality player, at least some clubs will be turned away by his behavior and disloyalty. He did, after all, refuse to fulfill his contractual obligations, as well as figuratively spit in the faces of all of his teammates. Leeds have offered him a contract, but only because that forces the club that eventually signs Taylor to compensate the club when he signs.

Apparently things aren’t going quite as smoothly with Taylor’s impending transfer to West Bromwich Albion as he would imagined it would have gone before quitting on the team like a complete loser. Tony Pulis is totally opposed to bringing in any player that is subject to a tribunal, instead wanting to get a deal done without resorting to a tribunal and a binding fee. Since the management at Leeds is currently in flux, The Birmingham Mail is reporting that West Brom is currently in a holding pattern, waiting until the management situation is settled to do business with Leeds about a transfer for Taylor. And if the clubs cannot agree on a fee, Pulis has made it clear that they would not be in the running for Taylor anymore. West Brom is rumored to have made a £3.5 million offer for Taylor, but Leeds are seeking greater compensation.

So if West Brom and Leeds aren’t able to reach an agreement, Skybet has laid odds on where he might end up. West Brom are the favorites, at 1/3, with Liverpool next at 7/2. Newly promoted Newcastle are 8/1, Southampton are 14/1, with most pundits expecting first choice LB Ryan Bertrand to leave this summer. Everton and Taylor staying at Leeds are both 16/1 odds, although I would think that Taylor staying should be higher than that. After that, Norwich City is at 20/1, AFC Bournemouth at 28/1. Most unlikely are Scottish giants Rangers and Manchester United who are both getting 33/1 odds. As unlikely as it is for turncoat snake Taylor to be lining up for Manchester United, it might actually be less likely than him returning to Elland Road. Although, to be honest, facing the Leeds fans would be rather unpleasant, so maybe he should just go away.