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Why I’m a fan of Leeds United.

Northern Ireland v Norway - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

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As a soccer fan in general, I am fairly new to the sport. I started watching soccer and becoming interested in the beautiful game when the United States Men’s National Team played Mexico in Columbus, Ohio in 2013. As usual, the United States won 2-0, and that was the very first soccer game I had ever been to, and I fell in love with the game from that moment on. Not only did I know that I was going to be a soccer fanatic, but I had no idea I would become the Leeds United fan I am today.

After becoming more and more knowledgeable about soccer, I felt like I really needed a team to root for, and to watch on a consistent basis. I was an avid Columbus Crew SC fan at the time, but I wanted to root for a team that was well-known around the world. I watched countless BPL and Bundesliga games, but none of the teams really caught my eye. I was a fan of the Northern Ireland national team, and my favorite player at the time was Stuart Dallas. I loved the skillful winger and his ability to use both feet just made him that much more versatile.

When I first started looking into the team Stuart Dallas had played for at that time, I wasn’t interested in Brentford at all. I just didn’t think they were the team that I could root for week in and week out. And most certainly, Brentford didn’t capture my heart like Leeds did.

I started to become a fan of Leeds back in 2015, when Stuart Dallas had officially signed for them on a three-year deal. Not only had I heard of Leeds United, but there was just something special about their history. I started reading about all of the greats at the club, and I read about the “glory days” of Leeds United and I felt that it was only a matter of time before they make the jump back into the Premier League.

Furthermore, even though Leeds did not achieve their goal of going back up to the Premier League, I am still just as excited about watching them play next season as I have been for the past two seasons as well. The additions and departures that will be coming to and from this historic club will make or break them next season, but I have every faith that two seasons from now I will be watching Garry Monk and his men make the rise back to a world power.

You see, I don’t know if it was the special moments when Elland Road was rocking that got me, or if it was the way the boisterous crowd sang Moving On Together before each home game. But I can tell you one thing, Leeds United have been in my heart since 2015, and The Whites will forever stay there. Nothing comes close to the joy that Leeds brings me when I watch them play each season. My team is special, and I am very passionate when it comes to LUFC. This is why I am a fan of Leeds United.