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Millwall (and its fans) are in the Championship

Leeds will have an interesting away day next year

Bradford City v Millwall - Sky Bet League One Playoff Final Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Oh joy, Millwall are in the Championship. That's right, the Lions are going to be playing their brand of football in the same league as us, following their victory over Bradford City in the League 1 playoff final. Wales international Steve Morison scored a late winner, crushing the spirits of the Bantams. And if you forgot why Millwall's fans have the reputation they do, they reminded you what you missed at the final whistle.

There's nothing wrong with pitch invasions. I mean, legally, it might cause you some trouble but, it's a beautiful part of the game. That is, if it's done respectfully.

Surprise surprise, Millwall's fans weren't exactly respectful.

Asked about the pitch invasion, Bradford City's boss Stuart McCall said “I think Wembley have got to learn now, everyone knew that the fans were coming on. I still don’t understand the fans wanting to do it, to goad myself, my staff and players when they’ve just won a game. Just enjoy your moment. I was close to clocking a couple who were coming up in my face, but that’s not sour grapes, it’s something you’ve got to learn from. Then, five or 10 minutes later, an army of stewards are coming on. Where were they straight after the game when they should have been on the halfway line? It’s not just Millwall, it happens all the time. It’s fine but stay in your own half and celebrate with your players and your team. You don’t need to come goading.”

Even Morison, the guy who kicked the winning goal(!) said that his own club’s fans ruined the moment. "It’s annoying me, I can’t focus right now and I can’t celebrate. They’ve ruined it for me, absolutely ruined it.”

I myself wonder how the Wembley Stadium staff didn't expect this. Millwall's reputation isn't just smoke and mirrors. I'd really have to question you if you sat there surprised that this kind of thing would happen. #Waldstadion4Millwall anyone?

You can close your eyes and pretend it didn't happen all you want, but Leeds United will be playing Millwall next season. As negative as I am, I really am happy that they got promoted. Promotion is always huge for a club, no matter what division and country you're in. This means a lot to the players, and they rightfully deserved it. You're at a pub, your friend said he would come with a friend of his for you who he says is good looking, but when you finally meet up with them she's not up to par. I get that same sort of feeling when it comes to Millwall and its supporters.

Welcome back, Millwall. Next season will be interesting.