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TIAT News: Stepping down to let someone else shine, my time has come

After two seasons in charge, I’m smashing my own watermelon as the editor of Through It All Together.

Leeds United v Norwich City - EFL Cup Fourth Round
The EFL Cup tie against Norwich in October was my highlight of my two years in charge. Loved that match, love these guys.
Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

A season comes to an end for Leeds United, and a blogging era comes to an end here at Through It All Together.

Haha, that’s an overstatement, but still.

Some of you have known me through the years here at TIAT as the dumb American you’ve needed to correct about the Whites of yesteryear. Others identified with my story of finding a footballing love in a random bar in Wakefield. Still others probably don’t know who I am, and that’s probably a testament to our great team of writers here.

But I’m Johnny Wakefield, and for the last two seasons, I’ve run Through It All Together, sometimes alone, but lately with a great group of guys that we’ve put together to cover our beloved Leeds, Leeds, Leeds. I’ve worked nearly every night since late 2015 to get our staff’s articles ready to publish, and I’ve surfed Twitter for #LUFC news and opinion all day, every day.

And now I’m stepping away.

Through It All Together will continue as soon as the SB Nation higher-ups find another manager, but I’ve run all of our social media accounts for two years, so the voice there will likely change too.

It has been a pleasure writing for SB Nation and working with all the guys that have come and gone on staff here. I especially want to thank James Mahoney and Ben Mallis, the two guys who have helped with editing duties in the last few months; Jeremiah Oshan for giving me a chance to revive the blog in the first place; and Anthony Linley and Matt Robinson, the first two guys I brought on board who helped me get this ball rolling again. JH3, Jack, Sean, Joshua, Toliy, Maz, Michael, Matt: also so great, much love, many kisses, see you around the office, let’s get a beer, you’ve got a place to stay in North Carolina.

And I’m not going the Sam Byram/Lewis Cook route of jumping up to a Premier League blog to sit on their bench either: it just felt like time to retire my cleats. I might throw them on a time or two in the future for angry guest op-ed’s or fanposts or something, but the daily effort to put this thing together is too much for this old man.

As a result, someone else will be bringing TIAT into the Premier League in 2018. I wish that I had been the guy to do it this last month, but it just wasn’t our year. I’m also confident that SB Nation will find someone better than me to do this job: Leeds United’s fanbase is amongst the best in the world, and you/we deserve the best.

That’s all from me then. I’ll always be hanging around TIAT in the comments, and I’m always going to be available on social media at @jwLUFC.

See you there, and seriously, let’s all earn promotion next May, okay?

Leeds salute... with Steve Evans tears. MOT.