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Leeds United’s Garry Monk deserves a long-term contract, but Andrea wants to wait?

After everything Garry Monk and his team have achieved, the owners must give him a long-term deal, but it seems the wait is on.

Aston Villa v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship
In Monk we trust
Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

In the midst of us celebrating the emphatic victory against Preston on Saturday, our favorite co-owner of Leeds United, Andrea Radrizzani, tweeted in response to the call from Leeds fans to sign Garry Monk to a longer term and more sustainable deal.

Andrea Radrizzani indicated the need to focus on the next 5 (hopefully 8 games) rather than focusing beyond that, and while I did understand his angle, most Leeds fans feel a sustainable long term deal for Monk is a top priority to stabilise the club.

Andrea Radrizzani’s tweet prompted a strong response from the Leeds faithful (that last one, the most common sentiment).

I expect Radrizzani did not expect the reaction he got after the tweet.

I assume Radrizzani is looking at his long-term plans for the club.

This summer, regardless of promotion, is set to be massive for Leeds United. Most fans hope and anticipate the departure of Massimo Cellino, regardless of results in May. After Cellino departs, the landscape of the club will change, and maybe in Radrizzani’s mind this needs be sorted before the club look at the long-term future.

The lack of distractions in the boardroom has seen a shift in the focus and success on the field. I understand the main focus is what’s on the pitch. However, success within modern day football can only occur if proceedings on and off the field are aligned.

For me, the indication that a deal will (likely) be done in the summer is a positive. It’s the first time we’ve seen anyone associated with the club make a direct comment in relation to Monk’s contract.

Since Garry Monk arrived at Leeds the team have gone from strength to strength, completely exceeding our expectations for the season. Monk’s philosophy has been a breath of fresh air in the Championship.

Monk has got the balance right between attractive, possession-based football and a team who are well drilled and disciplined without the football.

The table speaks for itself, and as Leeds fans this is the most important thing to us all.

We are generally a pessimistic bunch. We’ve all watched the club we love go through hell over the last 15 years.

And the thought of Monk not being given a long-term contract at the club sends shivers down my spine. I understand that Monk is on a rolling contract and a further 12 months is a possibility but that’s not enough - he deserves a long-term contract.

The possibility of losing our best manager in years seems senseless, but until we see that photo of Monk and Radrizzani (and even Massimo if needs be) standing there as I watch the announcement of a substantial contract for Monk, I will always feel despondent because of what I have seen previously.

We have had ownership that has used the club to benefit their own needs and leave the fans dismayed at every turn. The tag of a ‘revolving door’ policy club in terms of management has left us tarnished with a brush we do not need or deserve.

However, because of Monk and what he and his management team have achieved - and are still achieving - at the club, hope has returned to Elland Road. This has given Andrea Radrizzani an opportunity to cement his play with the Leeds folk law.

If you secure the leadership now, Mr. Radrizzani, you then allow us to look at the longstanding future at the club, which is something that in the past we hadn’t dared to think about because the future felt bleak. But with Garry Monk as the Leeds manager, it is bleak no more.

Mr. Radrizzani has talked the talk and it’s time to walk the walk and give Garry Monk the deal he has earned: the sooner, the better. MOT.