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I’m bored. Let’s discuss this nonsense Leeds United playoff song.

You’re going to need this photo of Kyle and Kalvin hugging after listening to the song below. I’m so, so sorry.

Fulham v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship
Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

It has been a pleasure bringing Leeds United news and opinions to you here at Through It All Together this season, and really since I started covering the team here in 2015. I’m not going anywhere, this isn’t that sort of post.

But even with Brighton coming up on Saturday, our staff is kind of in the doldrums. The loss at home to QPR on Saturday was as boring, as depressing as they can come for a team in the play off spots. James touched on it a bit on Sunday: rough in the midfield, no creativity when needed... it wasn’t good.

So that didn’t really help. Our staff has struggled to write this month: I think we’re all just nervously awaiting our fate, scared to hope and dream, worried about a potential collapse.

Leeds Twitter has seemed quiet too. Maybe you’re all in this with us right now too. Who knows.

And then... THIS HAPPENED.


Our friends at We Are Leeds posted this video on Sunday, cryptically, with the sunglasses emoji, and my world melted. I wanted to simultaneously vomit and throw something off a bridge.

Other people LOVED IT.


I’d really like you to discuss this in the comments section below. I need someone to explain what’s happening here. This is not okay.

Here’s the best I can figure out, seriously, from stalking We Are Leeds’ Twitter account. (No, this is not hard-hitting journalism, I just need answers, people.)

So really, who knows. Sounds like this is some sort of official song that got leaked, but I don’t really care. I need it out of my ears/brain as fast as possible.

Thanks for reading, sorry I cursed you with it. All credit to We Are Leeds, send all love/hate their way please.

Looking forward to Saturday. MOT.