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Morning Leeds-in for 14 December: Lasogga is back at training

Plus some links to enjoy with your morning tea.

Hundred Clarice Cliff Tea Cups Go Up For Auction Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images

The big man is back.

Pierre-Michel Lasogga trained today after disappearing for weeks, with little to no information from the club on his whereabouts and vague answers about his “injury.” Plenty of speculation about what happened, none of which seems very informed.

Do you think Lasogga can step back into the side? Or should he wait with Roofe in sparkling form?

Anyway, enjoy some links with your tea.

Leeds United Links

A Q&A with Leeds United Ladies player Jemma White. [Leeds]

Leeds announced dates for an open trial and coaching course dates. [Leeds]

Latest episode of the Mighty Whites Podcast is now available. Check it out. [Through It All Together]

Leeds have been linked with Declan John, a Cardiff City fullback on loan in Scotland at Rangers FC, for awhile now. Not only have those rumours refused to die, it sounds like Reading FC might be interested as well. [Through It All Together]

England and English football Links

Mike Ashley seems to have agreed to sell Newcastle United for £300 million. [Coming Home Newcastle]

A round-up of the Wednesday’s action in the Premier League. []

Manchester City coasted past Swansea City 4-0 to record their 15th straight victory in the Premier League. [Bitter & Blue]

World Football Links

Real Madrid came from behind to beat Al-Jazira 2-1 in Abu Dhabi to set up the Club World Cup final between Brazil’s Gremino v Real Madrid. [Managing Madrid]

Oops. The head of the Welsh FA is in trouble for saying that the next Wales manager wouldn’t be English. []