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Shock and horror as Thomas Christiansen goes to a football match

Football manager takes son to the Manchester Derby. Cue the foaming at the mouth.

Wolverhampton v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

So there was a rather important football match played on Sunday in England. The top two Premier League clubs in the table met in what would go a long way in determining the title race in the top flight.

And so, a football manager from Yorkshire, who used to play with one of the managers at one of the clubs that was playing on Sunday, took his son to go see the two teams play.

Of course, since the teams were Manchester City and Manchester United, the game was played at Old Trafford, and Thomas Christiansen, the Leeds United manager took his son and the internet freaked out. The same Thomas Christiansen who literally played in the same Barcelona team as Pep Guardiola. Yes, Christiansen took his son to see a top of the table clash in what bills itself as the top league in the world.

After some meathead even had the nerve to tweet his “disgust” at Andrea Radrizzani, the owner of Leeds even responded that he didn’t have a problem that his manager went to Old Trafford to see a match. Honestly, going and seeing the Manchester Derby at Old Trafford is NOT a big deal. Would it have been better if he said he was scouting someone?

Christiansen even tweeted something out about the mess, and honestly, he shouldn’t have to do that at all. It was embarrassing for everyone involved. And yes, that’s a picture of the Leeds manager trotting out in Barcelona colours, as he was literally a teammate of the Manchester City manager back in the day.

Leeds haven’t played Manchester United in a league match in over 13 years. And while United fans still sing about us, seriously, this isn’t “crossing a line.” It’s not as if he has season tickets to see them, and it’s not as if he was in a Manchester United kit cheering them. He did what many people in his position do: he saw a big Premier League match in person. Would everyone get this upset if the match was played at the Etihad? If the answer is no, then why do we care that he went to Old Trafford? I hope the team goes there next year for a league match, so let’s not get all bent out of shape as to where the manager goes and sees a match.

Jack said it best. It literally does not matter who the manager supports in his spare time, what the manager does in his spare time, or what team his kid plays as on FIFA. He’s paid good money to do a job, and as long as he does it well, it doesn’t really matter what else he does in his spare time.

We complain about other teams looking “tin pot” over stupid things. Freaking out about this is tin pot. Stop it.