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Danny Ings Linked to Leeds; Lets Not

Theres more pressing matters

Liverpool FC v 1899 Hoffenheim - UEFA Champions League Qualifying Play-Offs Round: Second Leg Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

Another day in 2017, another day with Danny Ings being linked to Leeds United. According to ESPN, the Whites are looking at bringing the 25-year-old on in January and believe the player holds the key to being promoted. No, strengthening up your defense won't do the trick, but Danny Ings will.

Arsenal v Liverpool: Premier League 2 Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

For me, the only reason to sign Danny Ings that could make sense is that he'd bump up shirt sales. Other than that, why would you sign Ings? Okay, he's 25 and has PL experience. But he's 25 with PL experience with knees made of glass. Look at our group of strikers. Prime Minister Lasogga is 25, and that makes him the elder statesman of the group (Grot is 19, Cibicki and Ekuban are 23, Marcus Antonsson is 26 should he return). I don't know about you, but I'd value giving game time to Grot, Cibicki, and Ekuban over Danny Ings. It'd also leave a hell of a logjam if Leeds keep Lasogga, being Ings in in January, and have Antonsson return from his loan. Let's focus elsewhere come the new year. MOT

From the few twitter comments I’ve seen, the LUFC twitterverse is still split on Ings. Let me know your stance and why in the comments below or @ThruItAllLUFC in twitter