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Morning Leeds-in for 21 October: Is Christiansen being a bit too cool for his own good?

Plus more linnks

Historic Night For London Underground As Trains Run through The Night Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Is Christiansen playing this too cool?

Now, we’ve seen in the past where Christiansen says one thing and does another, such as stating about how he had full confidence in Felix Wiedwald, only to drop him to the bench the next day, but saying that there shouldn’t be a change after three losses in a row seems rather, um, naive? Maybe there will be a change, and it won’t work, or maybe there won’t be a change and Leeds can go out and snatch a point on the road. Personally, I would go for a change, but I’m not paid to coach the team.

On to the links, with plenty of #SaveTheCrew links.

Leeds United Links

I wrote something about why English football fans can’t ignore what is happening in MLS to the Columbus Crew. Just because England has only had Wimbledon relocate to a new city, doesn’t mean it can’t happen again. In fact, I think it’s inevitable. [Through It All Together]

Christian Lawley opens up his time machine again and takes Leeds fans back to the summer of 1997. [Through It All Together]

Hey! Check out the Match Preview for the match against Bristol City. [Through It All Together]

England and English football Links

West Ham United lost 3-0 at “home” to Brighton & Hove Albion, leaving West Ham fans wondering what exactly manager Slaven Bilic needs to do to be sacked. [Brace The Hammer]

World Football Links

Emerald City Supporters, one of the supporter groups for the Seattle Sounders, sent a letter to the ownership group of the Sounders asking them to deny the owners of the Columbus Crew SC permission to move the Crew to Austin. [Sounder at Heart]

One Chicago Fire supporter would like to thank Anthony Precourt for reminding us that MLS views fans as customers, not as partners, and will gladly sell out the fans for a better deal somewhere else. [Hot Time In Old Town]

D.C. United could have suffered the same fate as the Crew, and was lucky to not have been moved in the recent past. [Black & Red United]

Toronto FC blog Waking The Red says that MLS wants to sell itself as “different” from other North American sports because of its supporter culture, but shows its true colours by referring to “business metrics” as a reason to move the Crew. [Waking The Red]

MLS has long sold the dream of “playing for your local club” with “Homegrown Player” exceptions to the salary cap and other such incentives. By allowing the Columbus Crew to up and leave, they are making a mockery of any “homegrown” efforts. [Angels On Parade]