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Morning Leeds-in for 18 October: Leeds steps up for a young fan and MLS loves money more than fans

Plus links for the day

Historic Night For London Underground As Trains Run through The Night Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

This is the kind of thing that past owners wouldn’t have gotten behind.

A little boy with cancer needs help, and so Andrea Radrizzani and Leeds United are stepping up to help out. Doing things like this make a team part of a community, and having an owner who understands things like this is important. A number of previous owners would not have done this, and it’s worth noting that a lot of other teams wouldn’t have done this either.

The match against Sheffield United will be “One Day for Toby.” Here’s hoping that the efforts will be successful and that his treatment will be successful.

On to the links.

Leeds United Links

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England and English football Links

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World Football Links

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