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Morning Leeds-in for 17 October: Jansson holds himself accountable and Malmo win the Allsvenskan

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Historic Night For London Underground As Trains Run through The Night Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

One of the signs of leadership is to hold yourself responsible and not to blame others.

Pontus Jansson, as Adam Pope put it, did not mince his words about his own play over the past few weeks as Leeds have lost three matches in a row. It’s good to see a professional footballer acknowledge that he was at fault and that he needs to do better. Too often players blame the ref, the other team, the sun, the alignment of planets, whatever. Hopefully Jansson’s attitude will wear off on the rest of the team and they can play better in a critical match coming up against Bristol City.

Leeds United Links

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England and English football Links

Leicester City snatched a late draw with West Bromwich Albion. []

Newcastle United’s Mike Ashley has put the club up for sale. Again. [Coming Home Newcastle]

Liverpool’s Dejan Lovren says that Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku “stamped” on him on purpose in this past weekend’s Liverpool-Manchester United match. [Sky Sports]

World Football Links

A good article about what is wrong with US Soccer, and how to fix it (Part One)[Burgundy Wave]

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Malmö FF, the Swedish club that both Paweł Cibicki and Pontuss Jansson played for, and official Swedish team of TIAT, won the Swedish league last night. []