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Leeds Ladies FC: A fan interview with Adam Beck before Mossley Hill on Sunday

A Leeds Ladies match tomorrow, and another interview with a fan so you know what to expect heading into the match against Mossley Hill.

Adam, Leeds Ladies Fanatic
MB Sports Photography

Earlier this week, I spent some time talking to a good friend who is also one half of a team that run the “Phoenix Faithful,” the Leeds Ladies supporters club. I’ve known Adam for over 10 years now: he’s been a fantastic friend and a true advocate for Leeds Ladies FC. I interviewed him with a few questions before the Ladies take on Mossley Hill on Sunday afternoon.

Hi Adam. Christmas and New Year over and done with, Leeds Ladies are back and are away against Mossley Hill Ladies. What are your thoughts on the game?

I think it’s the perfect game to get some confidence back. I think Mossley in the first half of the home game (back in September, a 7-1 win) played well, but in the second half, Leeds’ quality prevailed. I think it will be very similar this time around but everyone ups their game against us.

From a fan’s perspective, who do you think will be key for the team on Sunday?

I think that all of the squad will be key to getting a result, as they all have a point to prove to the fans. They will be raring to go and will ensure the fans go home happy.

In the home fixture against Mossley Hill Ladies, we put 7 past them. Do you feel confident we can do the same again?

If we play to our potential, I think we are capable of beating anyone. Yes, I think Mossley will give their all but again, I believe quality will prevail.

The juniors are also back in action this weekend and have been in outstanding form. Do you think they can go all the way to winning their respective leagues and other cups they are involved in?

Definitely yes, I think the u16’s will learn from their recent defeat to Castleford. I believe there are special talents in both teams that will play at the very highest level. Hopefully it will be with Leeds Ladies FC.

What are your highlights as a Leeds Ladies fan, not just this season but overall?

When the under 16’s won the league and league cup last season, that was my highlight. Also Blackpool away. With so many injuries and big players missing, we went down there not expecting anything from the game but we won 1-0 and it could have been more.

You’ve been doing a lot of work with Brendan Devereux in the Supporter’s Club otherwise known as Phoenix Faithful. Tell me more about your plans for it, now and for the future?

We have got a DVD planned on why it is important to support the girls but due to things beyond our control we have had to delay the release. We plan on doing more “bun and fun Haribo days” and also hopefully before the end of the season we can rent a Barney costume and have a Barney day, something along those lines.

A truly great guy; thanks for the interview, Adam. He’s doing a fine job with Phoenix Faithful who are on Facebook, so give them a like and a follow. You’ll be sure to hear more about them from me in the near future.