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Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino named and videotaped in Telegraph corruption report

It’s bad. But then again, of course it is. FFS.

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Bolton Wanderers v Leeds United - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round
Yeah, this is not his best day. Maybe one of his last.
Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

When news broke that the Telegraph had recorded prominent men in English football offering to break rules for money, all of us knew Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino could be at the center of this investigation. We found out tonight that we were right.

The report put out by the Telegraph’s “Investigations Team” includes video of Cellino offering to get around FA rules to help the “investors” sponsor players and get a share of “the profit.”

The video is pretty damning and must result in some sort of punishment from the FA. Leeds United (as of publication) has yet to comment on the video, but fireworks are undoubtedly coming.

Update: Leeds did put out a statement, calling this a “non-story.” Oh boy.

It’s available here...

What will anger fans the most though is yet another piece of all-too-common evidence that Massimo Cellino is a proper ***t. For the last 40 seconds of the video, our owner calls England the “worst culture in the world,” “specialised in screwing people,” “the more dirty people,” and then makes a mocking sound “mimicking snobbery.”

Also... adding insult to insult...

If Cellino had any support left, or if the protest had died down during a fun September on the pitch, that has entirely changed tonight. People are... not pleased online.

Well, someone’s laughing.

We’ll keep you posted on developments here, but goodness gracious. What a ****ing mess.