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Leeds United and FIFA 17: The Ratings We Should Expect

It's that time of year again, lads. The latest FIFA installment is nearly upon us. You've pre-ordered your copy, probably toying with what formation you're going to play in Ultimate Team and pencilling what night you're having the boys over for the first session - but what ratings can we expect to be given to Monk's men?

Rob Green would have been Leeds' highest-rated player on FIFA 16, what about this year?
Rob Green would have been Leeds' highest-rated player on FIFA 16, what about this year?
Harry Trump/Getty Images

The FIFA ratings. Nobody quite knows why, but the unveiling of the player ratings each year always causes debate. If I had a penny for every time I heard a young lad shout: "how is he an 85!?", I'd get a free copy of FIFA 17. The globe's top 50 players have - in usual fashion preceding the official release - already been disclosed.

Cristiano Ronaldo tops the charts with a 94 overall, while the Barca 'MSN' trifecta along with Bayern Munich 'centre-half' Manuel Neuer round-out the top five. The top-rated player in England is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who lies in seventh on the list with a 90 rating.

The frustrating element though of supporting a Championship side in this exciting time is that... no one cares. Even we, as fans of a non-Premier League team aren't really all that bothered. Let's face it, you never tell your mate you're going to be Leeds when you're side-scrolling your options - unless they're willing to be Sheffield Wednesday, that is.

(Editor's note: I'm always Leeds United, screw you Jack, hahaha)

It is however, always nice to see how EA have viewed Leeds. It will probably be another 3-star overall rating, just like they give all sides that haven't just been promoted or relegated to the league. However, I think it's worth a look to see how our boys may score on the cards. FIFA 16's ratings are in the brackets, the rest is where I'd put them in FIFA 17.



Rob Green - 75 (76)

With Green not getting any younger and a slightly shaky start to the season, when the ratings were no doubt still being fiddled with, the keeper may find his rating drop ever so slightly on last season.

Marco Silvestri - 68 (70)

Silvestri had his ups and downs last season. A good shot stopper but lacked command of the area. Loss of top spot in between the sticks will see his rating drop slightly.


Luke Ayling - 67 (65)

Ayling will be one of those who will have benefitted from a January release. His performances will continue improve as the teams do, but I think it may be too late to make a significant change to his rating.

Gaetano Berardi - 69 (70)

With the injury-prone Italian missing yet more games at the beginning of this season, those who come up with these numbers won't have seen much to go on, despite a relatively steady campaign for 2015-16. Down one at 69.

Liam Cooper - 69 (69)

Again, a relatively steady campaign last time out should see Cooper keep his rating. A lack of appearances in the early knockings of this season though may make an impact - I think he'll swerve a change.

Kyle Bartley - 70 (69)

Bartley struggled to get into Swansea's side. However because he is an on-loan Premier League player, EA will feel the need to make him look better than those around him. I predict a boost by one for Kyle.

Pontus Jansson - 74 (75)

Jansson is on the Torino bench by default in FIFA 16 and similarly to Bartley, will find his rating adjusted as such. On-loan from another top-tier side, he may see a slight dip in his rating. As long as his heading rating is 99, I'll be happy.

Charlie Taylor - 72 (69)

The speculation that followed Taylor after his transfer request was denied will be enough to see his rating increase this time out. That, and the fact he was last season's top player.


Liam Bridcutt - 74 (74)

Bridcutt's loan at Leeds last season would have given him the time on the pitch needed to keep his 74 rating. He was solid for us last season and deserves to. An increase to 75 may be too much for Championship players.

Ronaldo Vieira - 68 (N/A)

Vieira is one I couldn't find on FIFA 16. I think his age and the fact he has no real track record for EA to go on will give him a sub-70 mark. No doubt FIFA 18 will have him at 75... he says.

Kalvin Phillips - 65 (61)

A bit of a jump for Kalvin this time out. A little bit older and a bit of time in the side. Mid-60's for the midfielder.

Pablo Hernandez - 75 (76)

A spell in the largely uncovered league in Qatar will have done no favours for Hernandez's rating. It will be largely maintained, though. 75 for the Spaniard.

Stuart Dallas - 70 (66)

Dallas may have his national side to thank for a predicted rise in rating. The run of Northern Ireland at Euro 2016 will have given EA a bit of an insight to what he's about. Let's hope he can keep improving over the next few games.

Hadi Sacko - 69 (N/A)

Another I couldn't track down on FIFA 16. Although I would give him a higher rating, he is largely unknown to anyone outside of the Championship, really. EA will likely pluck this one out of the air.

Kemar Roofe - 68 (64)

A prolific season in League Two, and a high-profile deal for £3m will undoubtedly see Roofe's rating improve. At least a plus-4 boost for me.

Eunan O'Kane - 69 (68)

On the fringes at Bournemouth last season, there's no real reason for EA to change O'Kane's rating too much. Hopefully he and Bridcutt will see their rating rocket to 78 when they take us to the promised land.


Chris Wood - 71 (71)

Forwards are probably the easiest for the ratings deciders to assign a number to. In the Football League, at least. Wood did okay last season, and will probably stay the same. He needs to score more than he does though and stop missing glorious chances.

Marcus Antonsson - 66 (63)

Slightly harsh rating here. I think we all know he deserves higher, but EA will be unlikely to give him a much higher boost than three, despite his steady start to this season.

Souleymane Doukara - 64 (66)

While Doukara doesn't quite deserve the same level as Antonsson, he will be likely given a similar rating to the Swede, for the same reasons.


So there you have it. Not every single player on the books has been included, as that would be silly, wouldn't it? I've managed to take a look at those in and around the team most weeks.

As I say, it doesn't really matter to many, as EA don't really seem to care about anything non-Premier League. They may as well just do a Roy Hodgson and pick numbers out of a hat. Although, they seem to have done that to poor old N'Golo Kante. The midfield machine has been given a lower rating than Pedro Rodriguez... yeah, me neither.

Michy Batshuayi isn't exempt from the number crunching by EA - he's not happy about his apparent inability to pass.

Hopefully this time next year I'll be looking at it when Leeds United means something to the developers. We all know what that means; yes, Chris Wood and his 71 rating firing us to the top-flight.

What do you reckon to those ratings then? Fair enough? Or complete rubbish? I look forward to the end of the month when the game is released so I can see Leeds' ratings and have no intention to play as them... you know I'm not the only one. MOT.