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Leeds United’s newest signing: Viva Pablo Hernandez

Nearly a week has passed and Pablo Hernandez should be settling into life at Leeds. Let’s take a look at what he should bring to the party this season.

Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Last week, Leeds made what I believe to be the most important signing of the summer so far. That’s a bold statement in a transfer window where we have brought in Kemar Roofe, Kyle Bartley and Rob Green.

If you have read my thoughts on Leeds signings before, this statement won’t surprise you too much. As much as I am an advocate of Leeds signing promising youth players who can set the world alight (i.e. Roofe), I strongly believe to get out of this division we need to sign solid, proven quality, who know how to perform week in week out.

That’s something which we have had a serious shortage of over the years. Leeds are used to the likes of Michael Brown, Sol Bamba and Billy Sharp to name but a few. See the problem with these 3? They are all very experienced players no doubt, but none of them have done it week in week out in a higher division, and that is what is needed to help the younger players improve, and to set the tone of quality throughout the squad.

Looking at the teams who have been promoted of late, there has been a blend of exciting youth and proven quality, and I feel this summer Leeds are finally starting to get this blend right for themselves. Rob Green was a great addition but Pablo Hernandez has not just a good career, like Green, he has had a great career.

For those of you who don’t know much about Pablo Hernandez Dominguez this is him….

This is NOT him.

Good lord. Please make sure you google Pablo Hernandez footballer. That’s a terrible mistake to make.

Born in Castellón de la PlanaCastellónValencian Community (thanks Wikipedia), he spent much of his career at Valencia between 2006 and 2012, while also out on a few loan spells. It was during this period where he also played for the Spanish national team on a handful of occasions.

Hernandez is a tricky and pacey winger/attacking mid and while he doesn’t bring a bundle of goals with him, he will create many chances, and give defenders a horrid time of it. Most people who know Hernandez probably know him from his 2 year spell at Swansea where he linked up with Lord Garry of Monk, and once again ge showed his quality in a very solid Swansea side.

He has spent the last few years at Qatari side Al-Arabi in what looked like to be an early retirement, but Monk has somehow tempted him to Yorkshire so he can add a Championship trophy to that League Cup he won with Swansea back in 2013.

So with this new addition, I am starting to not only preach that Leeds will finish in the top 6 this season, I am actually starting to believe if too. We have done this poll before, but I hope my opinion has swayed you a bit. Who do you think is the best signing of the summer so far?