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Live your Fantasy with Leeds fans at TIAT

We all play fantasy football, why not play it with fellow Leeds United fans? Also, we’ll beat you.

West Ham United v Manchester City - Premier League
I mean, it hurts my heart too, but he’s on my fantasy roster this season because of the transfer, so... silver lining.
Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Alright, the title of this article might be too suggestive, as all of our fantasies either involve Leeds getting promoted or something we can’t mention on a reputable sports blog. But why not join with some of your favorite Leeds fans and play a little fantasy football this season?

The Premier League starts Saturday, as I’m sure you’re all aware, and depending on the result of today’s match at Fleetwood Town, we might all need a little distraction. So join us. Through It All Together has a Fantasy League; all you need to do is register for the official Premier League fantasy game here, and join our league here using this code:


It’s that simple.

Our writers will be competing all season, so come and test yourself against the world’s brightest and best. Maybe we’ll even decide on some prizes for the top non-staff teams.

Only requirement: everyone have Sam Byram on their roster. (Not really, but I will.)

Looking forward to seeing what team names you come up with. Queen City FC will be top of the table come May. See you there.

Oh, and if you join up, let us know in the comments who you are, your team name, and who you have in your first XI. Should be fun.

Update: Also, SB Nation has a Fantasy Football blog, Never Manage Alone, and their FPL league is called “Beat the Bloggers.” That password is 61385-21391, if you follow the same steps as above. Remember, you can join multiple leagues, so get that team of yours ready.