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Leeds United's New Blue Away Kit Leaks: Fans don't mind it one bit

32Red in White on Blue with a splash of Yellow... yeah, that'll work.

Say goodbye to Lewis Cook in all-yellow......
Say goodbye to Lewis Cook in all-yellow......
Clint Hughes/Getty Images

It appears the newest away kit for Leeds United has leaked online, and while people will complain about almost anything, the response I've seen looks to be one of near universal approval.

While last season's all-yellow, no-sponsor away kit was one of my favorites, this blurry shot from Twitter user Andy Barker looks to firmly identify the 2016/17 away as all blue with yellow trim.

Thankfully, the 32Red is in white, as the gambling company promised when the sponsorship was announced. "Red" on the kit provoked some angry responses from Leeds fans, whose hatred for Manchester United and everything red made them fear the color would appear on our kits. While the home whites have not been leaked as of yet, the aways seem safe for now.

And the response on Twitter has been mostly positive:

What do you think, Leeds fan? Does all blue do it for you? Let us know in the poll and in the comments below. (I for one love it... but I'll always miss the no-sponsor yellow.) #MOT.