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Steve Evans Shown the Door at Leeds United

We all knew it was coming...

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

The shoe has finally dropped: Steve Evans has been kicked out the moon door. The popular manager who led Leeds to a 13th place finish in 2015/16 after the early season sacking of Uwe Rosler will not be with the team in 2016/17.

Massimo Cellino long hinted that a change in the head coach's position would be coming, and as he gallivanted around the globe "talking" to numerous managers, he left Steve Evans wondering about his position with the club. According to the team's press release:

"Steve completed the job he was brought in to carry out – to keep the team in the Championship - and his hard work here has been greatly appreciated. I (Cellino) wish him and Paul Raynor the very best for the future. We have, however, decided that a different approach is required in order to achieve our targets for the new season."

Of course, no one knows who will helm that new approach, as manager after manager has turned down Cellino and Leeds over the last two weeks, but it won't be Steve. And of course... the man reportedly heard of the decision in the most Cellino way possible...

We'll have more on the decision in the coming days, but how do you feel about the move? Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments. This writer, for one, will greatly miss Steve's passion. Pour one out for Steve, the latest in the long line of Cellino's short-lived managers at our great Leeds United.