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Leeds United's Steve Evans... Farewell Old Friend? Most likely.

As another board meeting goes by and as rumors swirl around Darrell Clarke this morning, Steve Evans still doesn't know his fate.

If Steve Evans goes this summer, his replacement will have big shoes (and big everything) to fill.
If Steve Evans goes this summer, his replacement will have big shoes (and big everything) to fill.
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

This week was another week when Steve Evans should have found out his fate, but as nothing has come out of the Leeds United board meeting (yet), Karl Robinson turns down an offer to take the job (shakes head in disbelief), and Darrell Clarke looks to be the next in line (hmmmm),  it seems like a perfect time to cast our eyes back over Steve Evans first and probably last season in charge, and have a look at the argument as to why he should stay, or why he should go.

(Where's Darrell Clarke on this? These odds were just a few days ago.)

When Steve Evans waltzed into Elland Road back in October he was welcomed with about as much enthusiasm as a dose of crabs in a nunnery, but over the 7 months he’s been here, he won over our hearts. First, let’s look at the cold hard stats. 37 games in charge, 14 won, 11 drawn and 12 lost, coming to a grand total of a 37.84% win rate. Putting him above Rosler at 16%, Redders at 33%, The Hock at 33%, Warnock at 36% and a slight above McDermott at 37.01%.

In short, going purely by win rate, Evans is as good as we’ve had since Grayson. In fact, I’m going to extend that to best since Grayson in terms of League position, points total and understanding what it is to be Leeds.

Why should he go?

Well, for one we have been a handful of shocking performances under Steve Evans. This away loss to Brighton stands out of the main, which I still clearly remember in my mind as the worst defeat we have had in a few seasons. The manner of some defeats has been the hard thing to take, the lacklustre performances and the individual errors to go with them. Is Steve Evans to blame here though? Perhaps not. This has been happening for the past few seasons and the blame really has to lay at the feet of the players, although Steve takes his share too.

This leads me onto the second reason he might depart this summer, his ego. In defeat, Steve Evans is far from a manager who protects his players.  Happy to name and shame on the odd occasion and never wanting to take responsibility himself. In part this year his attitude has be Warnockesque, and for me this is the main reason I find it hard to fall in love with the man.

Should he stay?

I will be the first to admit in the past 9 months Steve Evans has completely won me over, and I think the reasons he should stay well out way the reasons he should go. Firstly, points make prizes, and Steve gets points. We may not have been challenging for promotion this year, which has to be the aim, but with the group of players we have, and the lack of depth, Steve has done well to get a 13th place finish out of them.

Secondly, Steve Evans gets it. He understands what it is to be a Leeds United manager. Despite his ego, you can tell by the way he speaks about the fans, the size of the club, the history, everything, he understands what a proud and great club this really is, and I truly believed his tears on the final day of the season. That quality in a manager is very hard not to fall in love with.

Finally, he’s a proven winner. Granted not at this level, but at every level he has been at so far. When he says in his press conferences that this time next year we will be sipping champagne... he really believes that. And his history allows his cockiness. Also, on top of all of that, who would realistically come and work under Massimo that’s got a better chance than Steve? .....Exactly.

So what do you all think? Stay or go? And if he should go, who should replace him in the hot seat? Is Darrell Clarke your man this morning?? Let us know in the comments.