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Summer Weekly Wednesdays: A roundtable with your Through It All Together staff

A new series starts today at TIAT. This week's question: What was your highlight of the 2015/16 season?

Charlie Taylor was a popular highlight amongst our staff.
Charlie Taylor was a popular highlight amongst our staff.
Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Sure, we could write about Steve Evans (, he's staying then?), Scott Wootton (...I guess he's going?), Ercole Cellino (don't get me started...), or Massimo Cellino (please God, please......), but it's going to be a long summer, so we're going to try to pace ourselves here at Through It All Together. Plenty of questions to be answered, plenty of looks back at the season, plenty of Leeds United rumors and reports to cover. That's all coming your way here, don't worry.

But instead, to kick off the summer, we're going to try something new. We've got a stellar staff here at Through It All Together, and so we're going to ask them all one question per week, starting today.

Matt Robinson and Anthony Linley are from Yorkshire, Ben Mallis is from Perth, Australia, and Johnny Wakefield is from Charlotte, North Carolina in the States. All are "all Leeds," all have brought you coverage throughout the season, and all will try to answer the questions we present on Wednesday to the best of their ability. It's not a quiz show, but it should give you some insight into them as fans and writers alike.

And at the end, in the comments, let us know how you'd answer the question of the week.

The Weekly Wednesday Roundtable... begins now.

What was your highlight of the 2015/16 season?

Matt Robinson: My one single highlight of the season? To be honest this is a pretty hard one. Despite the various downs we've had this year, I also think there have been a lot of positives to take as well. I'm going to go with the progression of the Yorkshire born youth.

Coming from Yorkshire, it makes me especially proud when we field a team with 4/5 Yorkshire-born players. Charlie Taylor has come on leaps and bound this year and was well worth player of the season. Lewis Cook has started to add aspects to his game this season that he didn't previously have, and his England call ups just cement what a future he has ahead of him.

Alex Mowatt has had a stop/start season but I still have no doubt he has a bright future ahead, and just when you think the academy has produced all it can, Lewis Coyle pops up and looks like a wonderful talent at right back, surely he will get embedded more next season.

When four of your best young players are all home grown, it shows you can have a very bright future as a club. All you need to do is hold onto them and add quality around them. I think we started that process pretty well last summer and if we hang onto these four and add some more quality, then I can't wait for 2016/17.

Ben Mallis: Young Charlie Taylor has been a revelation this season. The 22 year old left back was Leeds’ best player and illustrated the resiliency required to gain promotion next campaign.  He was a centrepiece of United’s defence and rapidly developed into one of the Championship’s premier left backs, a performance even more remarkable considering he missed chunks of the season with glandular fever. The club’s official Player of the Year was central to every great United moment and showed heart to match, as seen in this heroic highlight against Derby.

Just remember, Massimo Cellino got something right, well that’s his story anyway.

Anthony Linley: Considering our season dissolved into a puddle of mediocrity, this was actually difficult to do. I'll go for the first home game of the season. The first game always whets my Leeds United appetite and gets me in the mood for the rest of season, so I always try make them. Usually, it's a sunny afternoon and the pubs and bars near the ground are full. Fans having well-lubricated vocal chords always helps create an atmosphere.

Leeds United v Burnley was no exception, the atmosphere was great considering the fans had to wait till the 83rd minute but it was worth the wait. A "glorious" curling shot by Antenucci opened Leeds account for the season. It's a goal that I'm sure Mirco will be remembered for. Sadly, it wasn't enough as Leeds let the lead slip in the dying minutes, which was to be a story often repeated through out the remainder of 2015. I wasn't worried at this point: we did more than enough against a team fresh from the Premier League, I'd had a few beers, so I was full of alcohol fueled optimism, and the sun was shining.

Johnny Wakefield: So many highlights for me this year, this is going to be rough. Actually, as this was my first season as managing editor of a blog that's seen as many managers as Cellino's LUFC, I'm kind of in the same spot as Steve Evans. I've loved every minute of it, and I'm excited to see where we go in the future (please don't sack me, SB Nation). As editor, here are my TEN favorite articles from this season:

I loved all of those, goodness. Looking back over the season, it's fun to only consider the high points, isn't it?

On the pitch, as a fan, my favorite highlight of the season was probably the FA Cup win at Bolton. Sure, the Wanderers had a rough season, but we played amazing football that day, and 6,600 fans traveled to see it. Sol Bamba and new acquisition Toums Diagouraga scored goals, and I spent the rest of the week feeling like we could actually win the FA Cup. Hahaha. Regardless of what happened after that game, that unbridled optimism at the final whistle was my favorite moment of the season, and I won't forget it.

So what was your highlight of the season, Leeds fan? Leave it in the comments below, and we'll be sure to share it on social media as well. Thanks for reading, and come back next Wednesday for our next Summer Roundtable question. #MOT