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A Q&A with a Bolton fan: Leeds Against The World

Both fanbases stuck in an awful season, Leeds and Bolton meet on Saturday, so we asked Bolton blogger Chris Manning to answer some questions.

There've been some good games against Bolton (this was 3-0 in 2002), but of course, Chris brings up a bad one.
There've been some good games against Bolton (this was 3-0 in 2002), but of course, Chris brings up a bad one.
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As bad as Leeds United's season (and especially last two months) have been, the Bolton Wanderers have had it worse. We bounced them from the FA Cup, they've won four games all season, and they sit in 23rd place, needing to gain seven points on MKD to clear the relegation zone.

SB Nation, however, has a Premier League caliber Bolton blog in Lion of Vienna Suite, and their editor Chris Manning sat down with us for our fourth edition of Leeds Against The World. He doesn't mind twisting the knife after he stabs us either; look at question number four and remember January 30, 2016.

Leeds Against The World: Bolton

Hey, Chris. Thanks for being up for this. First question: we feel like Leeds United has had an awful season, I know you can’t be feeling much better. Have there been any positives in your season thus far?

Yeah, the emergence and performances of Rob Holding who emerged from the reserves as a makeshift right back before Christmas and who is now the first name on the defensive team sheet. A classy, tall centre half with a great range of passing reminds me of a young Rio Ferdinand and is someone who has grown massively since coming through. The rest can go and jump off a cliff.

You’re seven points back from 21st place MKD, but a few weeks back, you held your own against a Brighton team that annihilated us this week. Are things turning around at Bolton?

I don't think so. It's too late now. We had a mini-revival but didn't kick on from there. We've had lots of games where we've played well and come away with nothing, and they're the reasons why we'll be relegated.

Where do you think you'll end up?

League One.

Do you have a favorite Bolton-Leeds memory?

Usually a decent game and I apologise for this but my favourite game was the one that saw you relegated from the Premier League. Opponents aside, it was a great attacking display from a great Bolton side.

What’s one matchup we should watch for on Monday?

Holding vs Antenucci should be interesting. He's an experienced forward and whilst Rob is a kid, I'd bet on him coming out on top.

Give us a reason you’ll win:

Massimo Cellino

Give us a reason you’ll lose:

Neil Lennon

What’s your predicted result?

1-0 Leeds. Mainly because we haven't won away from home in nearly a year.

Big thanks to Chris for helping with our fourth Leeds Against The World Q&A. You can read more of his work over at SB Nation blog, Lion of Vienna Suite. Good luck to his Wanderers... next season in League One.