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Leeds Leeds Links: Your Monday morning dose of Leeds United articles

Another new series here at Through It All Together, "Leeds Leeds Links" will cover some of our favorite stories from around the internet and serve them up fresh every Monday morning.

Hey Kalvin, think you'll get to play this season?
Hey Kalvin, think you'll get to play this season?
Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

First, before we get started, Leeds United have won three straight games. Again, let me make it clear: Leeds United have won three straight games. It's true. I'm as confused about that as the rest of you, but it's been a great week to be a Leeds fan, and I'm not unhappy in the slightest. Had a great weekend, as a matter of fact. Let's make it four straight this weekend at Elland Road against Huddersfield Town.

Alright, on to the links of the week. Today, we're starting a new feature called "Leeds Leeds Links," where we share some of the top Leeds stories from around the internet. Have a story you think should be featured? Send it our way and maybe it'll make the cut. And hopefully you know we're not simply stuttering... "Leeds Leeds Leeds" is a line from the most prominent, famous, iconic Leeds anthem of them all, "Marching On Together." Here's a link, supplied last night by Leeds fan Andrew Pierce, for any unaware...

The first link of the day comes from the venerable Phil Hay at the Yorkshire Evening Post, who wrote about a "clear-the-air" meeting that changed the course for Leeds after that horrific loss at Brighton. Steve Evans hinted at a "frank" discussion with the boys at Thorp Arch, and Sol Bamba confirmed it happened, saying "We had meeting between us to say that (the loss at Brighton) can’t happen, that we need to change. It was a good meeting because everything came out and obviously we’ve now performed very well. We need to look at ourselves when we don’t perform." A good write-up from Phil, and THANK GOD for that meeting. It was apparently a long time coming.

The second link isn't a current news article exactly, but it was a good read from the blog/twitter account I'd Radebe Leeds. Back in November, they wrote a quick snippet on five players you probably forgot played for Leeds, and I liked it because it made me think about all the players I'm currently taking for granted on the squad. Will I remember Jordan Botaka in five years? (Hopefully he makes himself memorable soon.) Will I be able to forget Scott Wootton? (Probably not.)

Our next story comes from The 72, and its headline really makes you want to click it, so we'll spoil the surprise and then ask you to read it anyway. In an article titled "This player will get chance - Evans," Graham Smeaton writes that 20-year-old central midfielder Kalvin Phillips will get his chance by the end of the season, joining young stars Charlie, Taylor, Alex Mowatt, Lewis Cook, and Lewie Coyle on the senior squad. We'll see if that's the case and if Evans sticks to his word if we're on a playoff push (more on that tomorrow), but here's hoping the young talent lives up to the hype.

Then, on a topic we all want to forget in the middle of a three-game winning streak, the Yorkshire Evening Post ran a story about a tweet from Labour MP John Mann, who hinted at a buyout of Massimo Cellino:

The story continues to discuss the other options we've heard bandied about for new ownership, from Russell Crowe to Steve Parkin, but the mystery second person isn't named. Maybe it's this guy (shudder)? I'm hoping he's unemployed this Fall, but I'd rather die than have him take over Leeds, to be honest. Ha.

And finally, our last link of the week is HITC Sport's continuing "Top 30 Leeds players of all time" piece. They're currently up to number 18, Tony Currie, but my favorite so far has been number 19, Gary Speed. I'm a Wilkinson-era guy myself, and they have some interesting options at 18-30; can't wait to read 1-17 when they finish by the end of the month.

Do you have a link you think should've made this list? Is there another Leeds blog we should be following? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Thanks for reading; continue glorying in the win from Saturday throughout the week this week. #MOT.