A fan's quick defense of Massimo Cellino

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(editor's note: this post was originally found on Facebook and is being shared with the author's permission without edit. big thanks to Paul Ash for his opinion, whether we disagree with him or not.)

GFH - the ones who ridded us of Bates. I thank them for that but since then they have been complete imbeciles. Firstly running up huge debts. Charging the club huge fees and then "lending" the club money to pay it's debts - thus increasing the debt. They are not football people. They don't need to be. They are money people and have many investors who they need to keep happy. When their self applied debts started to spiral, they realised that their invest would go bust and they'd lose everything. They even borrowed money from Bates' wife!!! Their final solution? Get an outsider to join them. One with lots of money. Enough to buy them out completely or to blindly invest. Cellino was this man/idiot/investor. He stupidly bought into a dream. He did so without diligence - without the knowledge of what GFH had really been doing - milking the club of every penny it had.

Cellino had to act. He had to either pay off every penny owed to GFH or conjure up a deal. The reported £25 million owed to them was re-negotiated. They were willing because it meant they wouldn't make a loss. More debt was incurred when Leeds borrowed another £20 million to stay afloat. Cellino himself paid this to Leeds at zero percent interest. Even though the debts were increased, they were now manageable. GFH receiving a reported £2 million a year. Cellino receiving installments. He has stated that he may even write off the debt. The FFFP result made it necessary for widespread cuts to be made. The fact that there is no longer a transfer embargo proves this was successful. No one ever made friends by sacking people - however necessary.

My point is this. Why are so many fans Anti-Cellino? He has made mistakes. Lots. But why are GFH getting away scott-free? They have only ever bled the club dry - and continue to do so. It seems we wouldn't even have a club if it wasn't for Cellino. Lets all be United for once and direct our anger where it should be directed. AT GFH.

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