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All Together: The Johannesburg Branch LUSC

The third in our series exploring the Leeds United supporter culture beyond Yorkshire continues in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Life is hard.

We have all been there. Something crazy at work. Trouble on the home front. Can't get the latest Adele concert tickets.

I do not know about the rest of you, but there is a place I go when I have troubles. I know I have some ears ready to listen, a pat on the back, and a cold pint at the ready.

After interviewing our latest Leeds United supporters club, I think it is more than the club they support. They support each other. With this club, let's be honest, we all need it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Johannesburg Branch Leeds United Supporters Club.

The Johannesburg branch came into being in 2010 after coming across an advert for a live match viewing. The group came together to view the boys in white take on Cardiff at Elland Road... from 9,000 km away.

"At our first get together, we watched Leeds lose 5-2 at home to Cardiff," Branch Chairman Andy Irvine recalls. "The rest, as they say, is history."

The group has yet to find a permanent venue to call home due to the catchment area being so large.

"We've moved around and met up at numerous Johannesburg venues to watch Leeds lose. We try a photo of us all at each gathering we arrange. We traditionally try to take it before kick off, as afterwards there are too many grumpy faces."

As far as pilgrimages go to Yorkshire, a few members have been able to watch Leeds United at home or on the road. The hope for the branch is to arrange a trip together. They currently consist of 25 "paid up" members and 40 on the email list.

"Our annual fees are about the same price as a beer, which is obviously too much for some people."

Before putting Andy in "The Hot Seat", I have to say, I have never enjoyed such refreshingly blunt answers. Humor during these dark times is a medicine needed.


If you had the ability to change one thing about Leeds United, what would it be?

Cheaper match day tickets for the supporters. The current price to watch football is a joke.

If you were recruiting a fan and could use only one word to describe the fandom, what would it be?


What is the Leeds United moment that sticks in your head (fondly or bad)?

Any victory over scum is always wonderful. Any relegation hurts.

What is it about Leeds United that made you become a fan?

As a very young child, I watched Billy Bremner and Kevin Keegan get sent off for fighting in the Charity Shield. I was greatly impressed with the little man in the white shirt. Many years later, when Kevin Keegan gave a speech at Billy’s funeral, I also realized what true sportsmen are all about.

Thanks for your answers, Andy. For more information about the Johannesburg Leeds United Supporters Club, visit their Facebook page.

Are you a member of a supporters group? Let us highlight you. Reach me on Twitter at @johnhorne3, or leave your group's information in the comments below. #MOT