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"Time To Go Massimo" Movement Makes an Epic Statement

A display of epic proportions hit the East Stand at Elland Road prior to the game tonight.

Who needs an A1 sized ad when you can do this?
Who needs an A1 sized ad when you can do this?
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Less than a week ago, Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino threatened legal action against an advertising company for a sign posted in front of Elland Road.  The sign detailed specific promises the embattled owner had made over the last few years of his reign at Leeds, all of which, of course, have never come to pass.


The ad came down after the threat of legal action, but support for the #timetogomassimo crowd grew on social media and throughout England as a result. As our staff writer John Horne wrote in a piece over the weekend, if Cellino had ignored the ad, it likely would've been forgotten in a few days (or at least minimized its impact).

Instead, the ad came down, and the movement exploded.

The result of that explosion? Tonight, before the game against Middlesbrough, these amazing shots were projected onto the side of the East Stand at Elland Road:

If only Cellino had let the annoying little A1-sized ad stay. Can't wait to hear what he thinks about this/what Leeds United's official statement will be in the morning.

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Enjoy the game tonight. We'll see if the boys in white can get a much-needed big win at Elland Road. #MOT