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(Editor's Note: On Tuesday afternoon, we ran a fan's opinion, the first FanPost our blog has seen in quite some time. The opinion, which you can read here, was that Cellino isn't entirely to blame for Leeds United's current state, and that we should instead be more upset with GFH for putting us in the mediocre mess of 2016. That opinion was not popular with some on social media, and I asked one of the dissenters, "@NorthernMisery," if he'd write a rebuttal FanPost in response. This is his post, without edit. Any reader of our blog can write a FanPost at any time simply by joining our blog at the bottom of any post and clicking this link (or clicking FanPosts on the top bar). This is one of the best parts of SBNation blogs: fans like you can easily join the conversation. On to the rebuttal... thanks for writing it Northern.)


We have a hugely divided fan base, split into two camps. These camps are billed as anti and pro Cellino.

Those that do not want Massimo Cellino to remain as owner of Leeds United aren't against him out of any petty vendetta. They are against him because he's a crooked liar who will drive our club further away from being United than any other previous owner.

Those that want him to remain seem to fall into the camp of "he's not Ken Bates, so he's OK" or simply "he saved our club and there's a conspiracy against him."

The arguments put forth to defend Cellino are laughable and also completely untrue. Be it out of stupidity or ignorance, those defending him cannot and will not accept the truth - Massimo Cellino is no good for a sustainable Leeds United Football Club.

There's countless arguments against him and there is also a side that seem to think GFH should be the target of anger.

33% interest being charge by GFH is nothing but a myth perpetuated by the "In Massimo We Trust" Facebook groups representative Jason Brown, who is paid to provide security for Cellino, so is hardly impartial when it comes to trusting him.

People are always banging on about facts, so the pages from the legally binding document attached (editor: linked here) should suffice as evidence.

With regards to GFH - It's 5% on the short term loan (only one payment per year, each December until 2017 - only 8m remains) and 2% on the long term loan that will only ever have to be paid if we get promoted (and stay up).

Now, as for what Cellino has put into the club - there was a loan of £20 million made by ES, which he secured from his family trust. He has not yet converted this into equity, so it goes down as an outstanding liability for the club. When Cellino names his asking price for LUFC, he is including getting this back. He's not made a grand gesture and injected money and written it off like other chairmen have done.

The club was allegedly losing £23 million a year. We are on track to lose £3 million this year, because Cellino has put the loan in. He hasn't "fixed" the leaking ship, he has merely found a way to inject money in, offset it against the losses and at the same time increase the debt.

Cellino also famously stated that the club was spending £18 million a year in wages. He then went on to state that the wage bill should be £5 million, clearly showing he has no concept of what it takes to run a club in England.

He knowingly and willingly paid £11 million for Leeds United Football Club to GFH. He agreed to take on any debt as part of the sale.

This is a foolhardy man, who faces embezzlement charges in Italy this year. This is not a man who just "avoids" a bit of tax "like most businessmen" (which seems to be the viewpoint taken by his supporters who think never paying import duty, or defrauding the Italian government out of MILLIONS is the same as claiming for a bath robe when you stop in hotel) this is a man who repeatedly, due to his "marked criminal tendencies" does not want to abide by any laws or regulations.

GFH are an investment bank. They bought LUFC to make a quick flip and earn some money. Again, they didn't know what to do with a football club, or how to run it. They found a fool in Cellino who, like John DeLorean, fell for a baited scam hook, line and sinker.

I don't blame GFH for sitting on their arses doing nothing but drawing a dividend - any bank does the same when they loan or invest.

They are crap, they are pathetic, yes I want them gone, but they aren't the ones embarrassing us in the national press every week.

They aren't the ones sacking managers and appointing non league PE teachers as head coaches and babbling on about watermelons.

GFH aren't the ones who promised to buy the ground back, or said they wouldn't sell McCormack, or wouldn't sell Sam Byram. GFH aren't the ones insisting that certain players MUST play just because they signed them, nor are they the ones putting up ticket prices in the South Stand because the fans have hurt their feelings.

To suggest Cellino saved us is wide of the mark - Administration would have been a blessing as at least we'd be rid of both sets of shysters.

However, GFH as minimum shareholders are not the problem. We need to get rid of the convicted fraudster organ grinder and the monkeys can follow.

GFH are just shit. Everything about Cellino is crooked and rotten.

Plus, if we get rid of him, we get rid of GFH along with him.

I get told I have an agenda and I do - to see Leeds United out of the hands of crooks who have no idea how to return us to our former glories. My question to anyone else would be: Why don't you want that too? is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on Leeds United and soccer in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by SB Nation or the staff at

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