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Leeds United Transfer Possibilities, a Video Review of our Staff Roundtable

When someone puts together a video of Leeds transfer targets, we get it out there. Eight possible, one impossible target for Leeds in January, in video form.

Last week, the staff here at Through It All Together put together a list of eight possible transfer targets for Monk and Cellino/Radrizzani to bring in to Leeds United in January 2017. It garnered some response on the internet, with many telling us we were crazy and others saying we had picked some spot on.

Here’s how the reader vote broke down on our eight options:

But one reader saw our list and went above and beyond voting. Irishman and Navan Whites supporter Ger Lynch asked permission to promote our article and then created the video available above. We think you should watch it... and give him a follow on social media.

His Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube accounts are all linked here.

Thanks for the hard work, Ger; love what you’ve done. MOT