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The Magic Hat Prevails: Pontus Jansson wins our September Reader’s Choice Player of the Month award

Probably by the largest margin we’ll ever see in this poll, Pontus Jansson has the best debut month we could’ve hoped for.

Torino FC v SSC Napoli - Serie A
A few months ago, he was in Torino. Now, he’s in the hearts of Leeds faithful around the world.
Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

I think it’s safe to say Leeds has found a new love story.

Our staff debated the September Player of the Month award at the Through It All Together offices before we posted the online reader poll. We actually had five names we considered, but Twitter forced us to narrow it to four, and our staff was actually pretty split. You’ll see the evidence of that when we post our winner on Friday, but we definitely didn’t expect the extreme results we saw in the September POTM Reader poll, so we’re calling it early.

Your winner, ladies and gentlemen, is our Swedish centreback, Pontus Jansson.

Yes, we’re calling it before the polls have officially closed, because that margin is ridiculous. We could’ve called it after 30 minutes, but we wanted to see if the percentages held, and they really have. 86% of 600+ votes is incredible. You really, really love your Pontus Jansson.

Our man with the magic hat, if you haven’t heard the song, would head back a brick if you threw it at him. Jansson immediately brought stability and passion to the “error-prone” back line, goes all in on tackles, is reliable on every corner into the box, and swears on social media to boot. He’s every Leeds fan’s dream, and we’re lucky to have him. Really lucky...

We’re not above sharing great stories at other media outlets either. As Phil Hay wrote yesterday for the Yorkshire Evening Post, Jansson simply gets it.

So he was an easy choice for our readers and Twitter followers for the September Player of the Month. Chris Wood’s goals, Kyle Bartley’s leadership, Eunan O’Kane’s presence in the midfield, even Rob Green’s clean sheets presented no competition to Pontus Jansson’s passion and play on the pitch. And so, congrats to Pontus, the winner of our September Reader’s Choice Player of the Month award.

Such a sexy beast, that Pontus. Two Reader’s Choice awards, two Swedes, two stickers. We’ll see who wins it in October, but knowing this guy’s heart and passion, we might be making it three Swede winners in a row.

We’ll have our Staff Player of the Month award on Friday, with rational explanations for all three of our vote-getters. That’s right, it wasn’t unanimous. Stay tuned, and enjoy the international break. MOT.