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Your Tuesday Morning Leeds United Rumor Roundup

Mirco to Italy, Sam to Leicester, Lafferty to Leeds... where's my silly season rumor of "Lionel Messi wants to play for the Whites?"

Please stay, Mirco. Italy's not good enough for you.
Please stay, Mirco. Italy's not good enough for you.
Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

As an American Leeds supporter, it's hard to keep up with the January transfer window. Sure, there's always Twitter and that's been a huge assist (as have the writers at the Yorkshire Post: #respect). But we don't get to see ridiculous rumors of who is coming and going dominate the news (it's NFL playoff time, as you might know), and there's rarely even a hint of Premier League transfer business on our media outlets, so Championship level stuff is difficult. Regardless, we'll try to list and briefly discuss the biggest Leeds rumors here on Through It All, but we're probably going to miss a few.

Aaaaaaand that's where you come in, Leeds fan.  We'll post links to a few rumors every Tuesday, and if we miss some, send them our way in the comments below.  Or, just discuss the ones we find with us here at TIAT. We're trying to be your source/community for Leeds United as best as we can, and we'd love to know how we can make the site better for you. Just let us know.

Alright then, on to our first rumor of the week...

Well now. Leicester's likely making a run for the Champions League at the very least, and in this writer's opinion, I'd rather see Sam play at the top flight for a team like Leicester than a team like Chelsea, Liverpool, or Norwich (more on that later).  Rumor has 8 million pounds as their offer, feel like this might be the best fit... but goodness, can't we just keep Sam at Leeds? Sign him up already.

Oh, Bellusci. I'd take 5 million pounds for him only if we have a replacement ready. The defensive miscues over the last month have cost us points in seemingly every game; a shake-up on the back four wouldn't be bad in my view. But we have to have a transfer come in to replace him if he leaves.

This one cuts me deep. Beardy might not be producing on the pitch, and Wood and potentially Doukara sit ahead of him on the depth chart, but his beard is worth keeping on the team, simply because he sets a standard in facial hair that we all hope to aspire to.  However, losing him for nothing is the worst, so knowing that strikers are on the shopping list for Cellino and Evans, if we could get something for him now... I guess we should. If Beardy and Byram both leave, I'm going to need a new favorite player (especially on FIFA 16).

Bahhhhhhh. I'd love to see Kyle Lafferty in Leeds, don't get me wrong, but if Byram goes to Norwich, I'll lose my flipping mind. Send us Lafferty, we'll keep Byram too, and get relegated already, Canaries.  I don't think any amount of money would make me happy about selling Sam to Norwich.

That's all we've got today folks, think any of these actually happen? Vote in our poll, discuss in the comments, say hey on Twitter or Facebook; thanks for reading. #MOT