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Leeds United draws Watford in FA Cup Fifth Round Draw

Away to Watford might not be sexy, but it's a good away draw for the Whites: it's a team they can beat.

We know these lads. We can beat these lads.
We know these lads. We can beat these lads.
Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

The magic of the FA Cup was on full display Sunday as Leeds United drew... Watford away. The 50/50 chance to have a home game at Elland Road went wanting, and the desire to face off with a Premier League power did too, but this isn't the worst draw Leeds could've had, and I think come February, we won't be so disappointed.

The eight ties look a bit like this:

Chelsea v. Manchester City is the most exciting of the bunch to me, on the field at least. Chelsea annihilated MK Dons today and look to have turned their season around since the exit of Jose Mourinho. Manchester City is challenging for the Premiership title, of course, so that's the star-studded matchup to watch.

But the most interesting will be Manchester United at Shrewsbury, and all of us will be hoping for Town to embarrass Rooney and company mid-Feburary, against all odds.

We'll have full analysis of the game at Watford in the coming weeks, and we assume another record number of fans will be making the not-so-sexy trip south to Vicarage Road.

What say you, Leeds fan: are you upset with the draw? Would you rather have seen a top side come to Elland Road? Or an away trip to a more attractive location than Watford? Will you be going yourself? Think we can win this tie? Or does Steve Evans need to bring in some more talent before the window closes?

Let us know in the comments, and vote in our quick poll. Thanks for reading. #MOT