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A Leeds Rebrand: The Return of the White Rose

The current crest has been in use since 1998... will Leeds United rebrand when (not if) they win the Championship this year and move to the Premiership?

I get excited over badges, and this is the best I've seen. What do you think?
I get excited over badges, and this is the best I've seen. What do you think?

Happy New Year, y'all.  (I live in the south of the United States, and people here say "y'all.") We promised yesterday on Twitter and Facebook that 2016 would be the greatest year in Leeds United history, and while that may indeed be difficult to achieve (Twitter follower @hoodlight pointed out that if LUFC won every single 2016 game, it still might not be their greatest year), we can always hope.

My wish list for 2016 includes a Leeds run for promotion (which they of course earn: they're winning every game this year); holding on to Sam Byram; signing another starting XI defender; Mirco Antenucci (not Chris Wood) becoming a superstar (I love the beard); and a rebrand of the current badge.  Yes, the Euro LUFC shield of the 90's has had it's run, and now it's time to go.  Manchester City has replaced their 90's era eagle with a retro badge, and I think it's a marked improvement.  Couldn't Leeds do the same?

With so many beautiful badges in the team's history, it shouldn't be hard to find inspiration.  The Owl, the Peacock, the White Rose, and the Smiley, they all have their place in team lore.  One designer has put the best elements together into what I think is the sharpest crest of them all in this online gallery, the Return of the White Rose.


Andrew Krause, a freelance graphic designer from Massachusetts, put this gallery together, and I immediately fell in love.  It's crisp, historic, and befits a team playing at the highest levels.  The current badge leaves a lot to be desired; I'd upgrade to this immediately.  Hey Cellino, want to raise your investment's value?  Contact Andrew, asap.


Make sure you check out the link to the gallery; Andrew has mocked up kits, marketing, signage... it's all amazing.


Which is your favorite badge?  What do you think of these designs?  Vote in our poll, and let us know in the comments.  Happy New Year y'all; watch the Tournament of Roses parade and the Rose Bowl if you can, and dream of the Return of the White Rose.