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This Seasons Most Important Addition To Leeds United

What does Paul Hart's announcement as the new head of the academy mean for the club?

Daniel Smith/Getty Images

Alright, I might've overreacted a bit, but hear me out. I promise that at the end of this short piece, you'll be just excited about the matter, as I am. Here are some raw facts:


The man has been a solid player who's played over 190 games for the Whites and 567 in his whole career. He is a role model of a professional for the lads and surely can relate to them.

In his first spell with the clubs academy, he won two FA Cups and helped in forming the backbone of the team that reached the CL semi-finals in 2000-01.

During his work with Leeds' youth, the academy produced such names as Harry KewellJonathan WoodgateAlan Smith and Paul Robinson.

In over twenty years, he managed eight teams, such as QPR and Crystal Palace.


Mr. Hart is a man of passion. In his recent interview for the club's site he stated:

"I drove in this morning and it felt like 17 years ago where every day was a real pleasure."

He was part of the club in the rough 70s and he feels that the Elland Road is where he belongs.

It was Leeds that saw some of the most successful moments of his career, both as a player and as a manager.

He still sees United as a big club and wants everyone else to be reminded of that:

"I still see Leeds United and I still talk about it as a massive club, a club that people don’t understand how big it is."


The club is on the verge of something great. Everything the board does, every move seems well thought and if this kind of behaviour is to continue, it might drive Leeds back to the top.

Resetting Paul as the head of the academy means that a man who has proven himself to be capable of developing talented players would once again get to work with an academy overflowed by promising youth.

Leeds have shown just how much faith they put in Paul by naming him as the U-21 coach. This means that the man is fully responsible for the transition of the young players from the academy to the first team.

I don't see how this could go wrong and I am once again completely impressed by the clubs actions. Paul is, without a doubt, the best suited man for the job.