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Massimo Cellino Takes A Fresh Look At Uwe Rosler

Owner Massimo Cellino reassured fans of his confidence in his coach, promising to keep Rosler for a long time.

Rosler has earned the respect of his owner.
Rosler has earned the respect of his owner.
Richard Sellers/Getty Images

Massimo Cellino has been in the headlines for the better part of two weeks. But todays news comes as a welcomed positive vibe coming from the Whites owner.

Cellino told the  YEP " (Rosler) is the best person for me."

This came after the harrowing 3-0 defeat a few days ago at the hands of Middlesborough.

It was the teams second loss of this season, giving the team 11 points. The team is 4 points outside a playoff position.

Uwe Rosler has made a name for himself in Leeds. Making eight signings during the summer, all who've turned-out to be fantastic additions to the club. Mix that with Will Buckley of Sunderland, coming to United on a 93-day emergency loan, getting set to make his start against Birmingham City this Saturday, things are looking up for Rosler.

The 46-year-old coach signed a two-year contract back in May, hoping to improve a team that finished 15th in the Championship in the past two seasons.

Cellino has been brutal to his past coaching staff last season, firing four head coaches in 13 months. And get this- Rosler, who's only four months into the job has survived longer than Darko Milanic and David Hockaday combined.

Cellini went on to tell the YEP: "This coach is the best person for me and for the team. He's the coach I was looking for when 20, 30 people asked me to give them the job in May. I chose him and if you gave me the choice I would choose him again.

"If someone gave me the chance to change, I would take this coach and these players because we have something good here. This guy (Rosler), he is professional. I like him more than any coach I had here before.

"He needs help, he needs help to relax a bit and to let the players relax, but believe me I'm going to let this work. Last year was a nightmare. This year feels better. I'm never happy but I think we are growing. The coach thinks that, I think that."

Rosler said on the day of his appointment that he was aiming to finish in the Championship's top 10 this season and both he and Cellino have played down the likelihood of United winning promotion at the end of Rosler's first term in charge.