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Are Leeds Ready For The First Transfer of Next Summer?

The Whites could be in for a treat as Tom Adeyemi hints about joining the club on a permament deal. But let's be honest, can you blame him?

Is Tom here to stay?
Is Tom here to stay?
Clint Hughes/Getty Images

One of the summer signings in Tom Adeyemi had some interesting things to say during an interview for The Yorkshire Evening Post:

"I think a lot depends on how I perform," Adeyemi said. "I’ve got to make sure I get myself in a position where the club are thinking about me in terms of a long-term proposition.

"Obviously I’m still under contract with Cardiff and I don’t really know what the thoughts are there but I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here – as much as I’ve enjoyed playing anywhere else. It’s definitely something I’m thinking about.

"I’ve played under (Rosler) for one season at Brentford and the fact that he wanted me again shows that he believes in me. I believe in him in terms of the way he works and the way he does things. I believe he’ll be successful here so I want to be part of it."

Some of you may see it simply as being courteous, but me, I am a dreamer. I like to think that a young, british player full of potential might actually want to give his best for Leeds United.

He knows Rosler and in turn,  Rosler knows him, they both know what to expect and what they are getting themselves into. Guys, the move is failproof!

But jokes aside, I have a strong feeling that Adeyemi will be a great addition to the team as he has a great personality and acts as a true professional, despite his young age. If he wants to stay at Elland Road for a longer time, he just needs to prove himself and earn his deal.