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A Space Jam Reenactment - Leeds United Travels To Middlesborough.

A group of aliens were seen leaving the visitors locker-room with a glowing ball just before the kickoff time.

A bad trip for Leeds United.
A bad trip for Leeds United.
Richard Sellers/Getty Images

Reports suggesting that a group of small aliens has been seen carrying a ball containing the talent and abilities of some of the Leeds players. The whereabouts of said extraterrestials had remained unknown and a prize was said to be equal to Sam Byram's monthly salary, since he'll be off the clubs books soon anyway. Anyone who had either information regarding said aliens, or could provide the team with Michael Jordan's phone number was urged to contact the club immediatelly.

Leeds players had completely forgotten how football should be played to such extend that they had more dangerous attempts on their own goal than the opposite on during their 3-0 loss to Middlesborough earlier today.

Although glimpses of the Whites from the game with MK Dons still could be seen sometimes as in Dallas shot on goal, but that doesn't change the fact that the first half was one of the worst displays from Leeds I've seen in a while.

Thankfully, Michael did show up in the locker-room during the break or had given his instructions to Uwe, because the team that came on pitch after the break was a set of completely different players. Maybe it was something in the water, but if it wasn't for the referee's forgetting about what an offside is(aliens?) Antenucci should be reducing Middlesbourough's lead minutes after the break.

And then, aliens have struck again and Sol Bamba made his best Gerrard impression gifting Fabbrini with a chance he could not miss. I guess when it goes wrong even the most consistent players like Sol tend to make mistakes. Anyhow, hats off to Diego for that cold blooded finish.

Leeds have lost the game against one of the best teams in the league, that was one of the scenarios. But the way that United had played was certainly unexpected. The defense was shaky and the whole game felt like there was more players dressed in red than in white. The hosts were stronger, faster and more determined to get a win and so they did.

So- lets forget about today and move on, shall we?