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Leeds United Fans Praised By Opposing Player

Carl Baker of MK Dons had some nice things to say about Whites fans after the game.

Baker shows his recognition to United's fans
Baker shows his recognition to United's fans
Pete Norton/Getty Images

Leeds continue their march toward the top by sealing a victory over Milton Keynes Dons at their own ground.

Usually you'd expect the losing team to be frustrated, and the players to release their stress in social media.

Not this time. By, once again, proving he is a true professional and a lad who knows how to handle a good banter, Carl Baker gave nothing but praise to Leeds' fans after Saturday's clash:

A true man knows how to handle defeat and Carl had proven himself to be the guy you'd want to grab a pint with after playing against eachother in a fierce match.

Cheers Carl, keep up the good work!