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Sam Byram- Is He Worth It?

Uwe Rosler claims that the 21-years-old has been unsettled by the transfer rumours during August. What future lies ahead of him?

Is Sam set to leave?
Is Sam set to leave?
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I see no surprise in the fact that Sam was a little bit confused lately. With his amazing performances  for the youth teams, which led to even better appearances for the first team, it's completely normal that press would link him with a move to almost every club in the Premier League.

Let's take a closer look if any of those rumours should concern the fans in the next transfer window by briefly analising said clubs' situation.

Newcastle United:

With Daryl Janmaat as a starting RB, Sam would have little playing time and would probably head out on loan in order to keep on improving his game.

Given the fact that he is 21 years old, he needs as much stabilty and playing time as he can get. There's not much time left to prove himself and the others that he knows how to turn from a talented youngster to a solid player.

Taking that into consideration, Sam is unlikely to be keen for a move to Newcastle.

Crystal Palace:

The Eagles had reportedly tried to snatch one of the most talented players of the league with a ridiculously low bid. While all the other interested teams were said to offer as much as £8m, Crystal Palace are said to offer half of it. Nice try, but Leeds aren't in any sort of financial trouble, nor the player himself is trying to push for a move.

Moreover, noticing the trend in nowadays football to pay horrendous amounts of money for English prospects (I'm looking at both of you, Sterling and Stones), The Whites could be in for much more money if Sam was to shine this season.


The Reds have also been listed as one of the Premier League clubs trying to lure Byram away from Eland Road.

To be honest, Sam could be a good addition to their squad. He is made to play a role similar to what Ivanovic is playing in Chelsea, but with more pace and responibility than the serbian tank is showing recently. But since Brendan Dodgers Rodgers decided to sign Nathaniel Clyne, adding another one young player for the same position wouldn't be the smartest move.

Then again, let's be honest, there is a high chance that Liverpool won't be playing in the UCL, so the only thing they could be able to offer Byram would be money and playing in the Premier League as Clyne's backup. It doesn't seem worth of losing a starting spot for the Whites at such a young age.


The Toffees were on the lookout for the new RB after Seamus Coleman was being tempted by Manchester Unitedback in June. Byram reportedly caught their attention and Martinez wanted to add another English prospect to the likes of Stones and Barkley.

That would be the most threatening rumour as The Toffees could use fresh pair of legs on the right side of their defence in the nearest future.

The Bottom Line:

There is no surprise that Sam is unsettled by the transfer rumours, some big names were reportedly interested in his signature.

But Sam seems like a reasonable lad and thus would be able to make the right choice. Staying under Rosler, where he can get much more playing time than in any of the teams above definetely is one.

Hopefully the club would be reasonable as well and get Sam to sign the new contract with an eventual buyout clause. That way, if he stays unsettled and would try to push for a move, they would be able to get some money out of this.

What do you think about Sam's future? Choose your answers in the puntastically musical poll below!