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Luke Murphy's Coming Back From Injury

Midfielder Luke Murphy is back at Elland Road training with the rest of his team.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

The Whites have made a remarkable recovery from the plethora of injuries sustained throughout the summer. With many of Uwe Rosler's injured players returning back to common health, the Whites have been able to pull away a good preseason showing. 26-year-old midfielder, Luke Murphy, has returned to moderate training strength and is practicing with the rest of the Leeds footballers.

During the first week of training at the beginning of the summer, Luke Murphy suffered a knee injury that required surgery. This injury was at first worrisome to Rosler and the rest of the Leeds fans given the talent Murphy brings to the midfield.

Many took to social media to express their hopes for his return before the regular season. These worries can finally be dismissed after hearing of Murphy's return to the practice field and his promising recovery from surgery.

Rosler had much to say on the matter of Murphy's injury, telling the teams website: "He [Luke Murphy] has a little bit to go in terms of match practice but what a good day that is for us that he’s already back in training."

"He’s slightly ahead of schedule. The next step is that he needs conditioning and he needs match minutes."

"We will have to organise a friendly game for him and anyone who needs to get up to speed."

We’ve yet to see Murphy perform this year due to the aforementioned misfortune that opted him out of the summer preseason games, but given his previous performances, fans have much faith in the potential of such a talented midfielder. We can only hope to see an appearance from Murphy during the upcoming fixture against Burnley this weekend.