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The 20th Anniversary of The Yeboah Goal

20-years-ago to the day that Tony Yeboah scored THE goal vs Liverpool. And what a goal it was.

Tony Yeboah will be remembered for THE goal 20 years ago today.
Tony Yeboah will be remembered for THE goal 20 years ago today.
Phil Cole/Getty Images

It was 20 years ago to the day, that legend Tony Yeboah scored one of the most famous English Soccer goals of all time.

It was a deep ball from the left by Tony Dorigo, which was then headed back by Rod Wallace just 25 yards from the goal. Yeboah took flight, and caught the ball in a perfect fashion. He volleyed the ball, driving off the crossbar, giving Liverpool goalie David James no chance in hell of saving it.

It's not too often in sports that a single event captivates generations of fans.

From Bobby Orr's famous goal in 1970, winning the Stanley Cup for his Boston Bruins in hockey, to the Pittsburgh Steelers "Immaculate Reception" against the Raiders in a 1972 AFC playoff game in football- those moments are few-and-far-between, which makes them extra special when they do occur.

But 20 years ago, Tony Yeboah scored soccer's version of those great sports moments, and beat Liverpool.

For all those who don't remember that world-famous goal: