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Leeds Crumble at Doncaster

Highlights of the Leeds' unfortunate loss to the Doncaster Rovers.

Thursday hosted a close match between Leeds United and the Doncaster Rovers. The clear weathered episode was anticipated to end with the Whites out on top, but fate had different plans Uwe Rosler. With injuries sprinkled around most areas of the team throughout the summer, the fight and will to win just wasn't enough to pull out a tie settling win.

With the home advantage, Doncaster had the encouragement of the outnumbering Rovers fans that would let out a loud roar every advantage they earned. The momentum of the Whites' would hold on long enough to finish with a tie in regular time, however, the inevitable tie breaker would prove to get the better of Leeds players with two wide misses to seal their fate.

First Half:

Leeds possession: Midfielder Alex Mowatt, performs through pass to striker Mirco Antenucci running wide left. Shot is attempted by Antenucci but then blocked by Doncaster goalkeeper Thorsten Stuckmann. However, after Stuckmann's the hit-off block, Leeds midfielder Lewis Cook, scores off of the rebound with quick right footed shot.

Doncaster possession: Ball thrown into play by midfielder Harry Middleton. Cedric Evina, draws foul from Leed’s Scott Wootton inside penalty area and Andy Williams converts penalty shot with a strong right foot to the bottom right corner.

Leeds possession: Late in the first half Lewis Cook dekes through most of the Doncaster defense only to be met by defender Aaron Taylor-Sinclair who draws the foul from Cook and results in Cook’s dismissal from the game with a red card.

Second Half:

The second half goes on silent with many missed attempts from both sides of the field. Fans express their excitement through the ground shaking outbursts at every potential score.

Leeds possession: The ball is lobbed deep into Doncaster's penalty box where Chris Wood and Luke McCullough challenge each other for possession. Leeds’ Chris Wood is cheated out of an interference call in the penalty area that could have resulted in Leeds’ win via penalty shot.

Regular time ends with a 1-1 tie between the Whites and the Rovers. Leeds' Cook and Doncaster's Williams are responsible for the only goals scored throughout the game so far.

Extra Time:

- Mirco Antenucci scores for the Leeds, Nathan Tyson matches his goal with left footer for Doncaster.

- Luke Murphy puts one in the center of the net, Rovers' Andy Williams responds with on in the top right corner.

- Sam Byram is responsible for Leeds' first miss in penalty shots, Harry Forrester puts Doncaster in the lead in extra time with a right footed stinger to top left.

- Chris Wood misses wide with extremely disappointing attempt, Richard Wellens scores yet another for Doncaster.

- Penalty shots end with Leeds making 2 of their total chances and Doncaster making 4. The match ends with Doncaster on top.