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Byram Contract Talks To Restart

Byram is currently into year two of his three-year deal, and is hoping to stay at Elland Road.

Byram is hoping to stay at Elland Road.
Byram is hoping to stay at Elland Road.
David Rogers/Getty Images

United and Sam Byram are back in talks. The 21-year-old has indicated that he doesn't want to move on from the team after the organization met with his agent during the past few days.

Leeds and Byram were previously in contract talks back at Christmas. But according to the YEP, owner Massimo Cellino wanted Byram to sign a long-term deal that reduced his weekly salary in the process.

We do know that Newcastle has been scouting Byram, and are looking for a right-back before the transfer deadline.

Byram is currently on a three-year deal that he signed back in 2013. He's currently a little over two years into that deal.

He's a fantastic young talent, who many believe is the best young prospect to come through the system in quite some time.

Uwe Rosler said to the YEP:

"He's under contract, he has a manager who really believes in him and he has a chairman  who really believes in him. He's found his home.

"We're not looking to sell him. We're looking to build a future around our young players and he's a big important part of my way of playing and of the idea of this club going forward."