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Bundesliga Expands To North America- Fantastic New Video Series.

TIAT is proud to bring you the best of the soccer world, as Bundesliga gears up to showcase their league to North America.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Just incase you didn't have enough soccer coverage from us already, we're happy to be able to share a new video series from the German soccer league: Bundesliga.

Our friends in Canada and the USA will be able to watch Bundesliga, and the league is promoting that fantastic statement.

The DFL (Deutsche Fussball Liga / German soccer association) has created these unique and funny mini-soap opera series of videos to promote that Canadian and American fans will now be able to watch Bundesliga in their respective countries.

The league has granted us permission to share these videos with you.

The episodes are set in a NYC advertising agency and have an ironic approach to the German kicking style.

Take a look at the first and second of four videos that will be released every Monday in August.

Tell us below in the comments what you think of these videos..

As always TIAT is proud to bring you the best of the soccer world.