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TIAT Continues to Grow: A New Contributor

Please join us in welcoming Steff Ladley to the community.

In a continuing effort to grow the team that produces all the fantastic content here at TIAT, we're very pleased to welcome Steff Ledley to the team. Steff is the first of many new writers that will be announced here on the site in the coming weeks.

Having grown up in Market Deeping, a small town near Peterborough, the 21-year-old has seen the rise of Leeds United to become a dominate figure in the soccer world. Currently, Steff is studying Business Economics at Sheffield Hallam University.

Outside of his schooling, Steff enjoys soccer, cricket, tennis, rugby, golf, and just about any other sport this world of ours has to offer. But just because he's open to new ideas, doesn't mean he doesn't have his preferences when it comes to soccer.

Ladley is a fan of Leeds United (which is a good thing for us here at TIAT), as well as Leeds Rhinos (RL). And he says those teams are rooted in his blood, "the Leeds link is from the family, as my dad is from Leeds and him and my grandad are just as passionate about the club as me."

"My first ever game was a 1-0 win against Spartak Moscow at home, with Lucas Radebe getting the late goal to send us through."

Together with his fantastic editorial skills, and immense passion for Leeds United, Steff will bring a unique perspective to TIAT. He's optimistic about this season, but will always be honest.

Please join us in welcoming Steff Ladley to the team, and while you're at it, give him a follow @SLadley17.

*Have an interest in becoming a contributor to TIAT? We just so happen to be seeking new writers. Check out some of the fantastic opportunities we have waiting for you.