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What lies ahead for Eoghan Stokes?

One of the best youngsters in the system is beginning to show his worth. But is it a short-term spark, or a long-term shine?

(Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images)

The Whites' only goal against North Ferriby United yesterday came from a certain 19 year old in Eoghan Stokes. The youngster netted two more in a match against Pickering Town a week ago.

I know it's just a preseason game, and the opposite teams weren't that much of a challenge. But his four goals in nine games for Irish U19, in addition to his amazing workrate with all of those games show that there is something about that boy that makes you root for him.

His stunning speed and run-ins to the box, combined with cold head and amazing shots from distance would make him a valuable addition to any team.

Uwe Rosler is known for not being afraid to trust the academy prodcuts and there are rumours already that the boss might be keen to let Stokes stay with the firts team for the upcoming season and keep a closer eye on him. Eoghan would sure have more than a few rolemodels to learn from.

Considering the rumour that Steve Morrison is on his way to Millwall, there could be an open spot on the team for this fantastic young prospect.

But there are also voices speaking about the stability and amouts of playing time needed for a developing player. A loan might also be a good option in order to let him flourish, and try to make his name while playing proffessional football might be a better solution than to keep him at Elland Road with limited time on the field or sending him back to U19 teams.