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Opinion: Why Billy Sharp's Move Is Good For All Involved

Three's a charm. Why Billy's third time at Bramall Lane could prove to be good, not only for him, but for the clubs involved as well?

We look into why this move makes sense for all parties involved.
We look into why this move makes sense for all parties involved.
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After a recent move, Billy Sharp is now with Sheffield United. Here's a few perspectives from this move.

Sharp's point of view:

In a letter, Billy expressed how happy he is with being reunited with his former coach, Nigel Adkins. "It’s a pleasure to be back working with a manager who believes in me and of course it’s fantastic to play for the club I’ve grown up supporting.

Sharp has already shown how Nigel Adkins' playing style fits him.

During their time in Scunthorpe and Southampton, Sharp scored 53 goals in 82 appearances.

Moreover, Sharp has always been ephasizing his devotion to The Blades and his will to erease the bad memories of his previous spells at the Bramall Lane. Scoring only 8 goals in 53 games is far from satisfying and could mean that he would be driven by hunger and have more motivation.

The Blade's point of view:

By bringing Sharp, Sheffield are trying to add some valuable experience to their roster and shake things up a bit. Another striker means even more competition in their already crowded offensive formation.

Adkins is acquiring a player proven under his wings and trusted. As a respected figure, Sharp brings not only experience to Sheffield, but also can serve as a rolemodel for some of the promising youngsters thanks to his excellent workrate and pure proffesionalism on and off the field.

A transfer well thought and sure to bear fruit in the upcoming season for The Red and White Wizards.

The White's point of view:

Finally, why this move only makes sense for Leeds United.

Uwe Rosler's teamis full of young and promising prospects who all need as much playing time as they can get. Sharp was finding it hard to connect with the squad and thus, they failed to produce goals together.

Meanwhile, as an experienced player, he was cashing a pretty hefty paycheck, compared to his value to the team. Instead of risking and playing him next season, Uwe decided it's better to risk by giving a chance to one of the promising youngsters.

That move, no matter how bold, is making a lot of sense. Playing the Whites youngsters requires less money and gives them a chance to develop on their homeground, which is always a good thing.

It's a solution that gives Leeds United more financial flexibility and gives the team a chance to strengthen their roster in other, more weakened, positions.